GoPaperboy makes it easy for you to find
and hire the kid across the street

GoPaperboy is unique

Whether you are looking for a local student to teach your child tennis, how to play guitar, help with homework or conquer your household chores, GoPaperboy connects you with the help you need from right within your community. We provide families with an online directory of talented students, who will not only inspire your kids, but also return time to your busy schedule. Families can select students based on their passion, skills and availability.

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We believe

We are investing in our communities’ most valuable assets: our children and students.
Peer-to-peer learning and mentorship have a positive impact on children.
There is no substitute for the value of developing life skills through early work experiences.
Our GoPaperboys provide an essential service that helps build stronger communities.
GoPaperboy is much more than a babysitting site.

Meet our Founder

I’m Jen, a local mom and Founder of GoPaperboy. I was inspired to launch this site after seeing the positive impact students from right within my community had on my kids.

Like you, I want the best for my family. With four young kids, I needed all sorts of help –some days a homework helper; other days a lacrosse coach; and some days, just a better babysitter. I thought that hiring expensive professionals was my only choice. Until I started to hire local students with specialized skill sets to help me.

These weren’t just any babysitters, these were students with specific talents and skills that aligned with my child’s goals and interests. These students made an impact on my children’s lives far greater than the task they were hired to do.

Finding these students was not an easy task. So I created GoPaperboy for families to connect with local students, and for students to share their skills and make money doing jobs they love.

The last 2 years have already been an incredible journey that started with an idea based on a problem I, like many moms, had. Now I use GoPaperboy all the time to find help, and I hope you will do.

Come ride with us!


P.S.  I get asked about the name all the time.  I love GoPaperboy because it reminds me of local kids doing odd jobs for neighbors.  That’s the community feel I wanted to capture for this site.  We are revolutionizing “the kid across the street.”